Pittsburgh Racial Justice Summit January 2019

The Pittsburgh for CEDAW Coalition participated in a Racial Justice Housing Workshop. We spoke on how women are often hardest hit by a shortage of affordable housing and gentrification.

Building an Intersectional Movement for Housing Justice in our Region

This panel aims to help residents unite around a shared demand for a city that reflects and prioritizes the human right to housing and that activates our collective energies to advance remedies for racial inequities and harms caused by long-term discrimination in housing policies and by market-oriented economic development. It features leaders from diverse struggles for justice working to shift debates from markets to human needs and to build broad alliances that build collective power for transformative change. Each speaker will address particular strategies that can help us build and strengthen our local movement for housing justice. What opportunities and resources are available for advancing our work for human rights and the right to have a safe and secure dwelling in our community? How can different sectors of social justice work come together in ways that reinforce an overall vision of a human rights city? How can all residents join in this effort to make our neighborhoods and our region a place of dignity and justice for everyone?

Carl Redwood, Hill District Consensus Group

Marcia Bandes, Pittsburgh for CEDAW Coalition

Randall Taylor, Penn Plaza Support and Action Coalition

Joshua Malloy, Pittsburghers for Public Transit

Co-facilitators: Michelle King, Teacher-Powered Pittsburgh & Jackie Smith, Human Rights City Alliance, Professor, Dept of Sociology, University of Pittsburgh