Allegheny for CEDAW

Allegheny for CEDAW

Welcome to Allegheny County for CEDAW Coalition

Why a Gender Equity Commission in Allegheny County?

Allegheny County works hard to enable a gender equitable environment. But, gender discrimination is systemic and requires a dedicated Gender Equity Commission with a dedicated focus to address intersectional gender equity issues.

Our Mission

Ensure the successful passage of a intersectional gender equity ordinance which seeks to improve the lives of all women and girls, including trans women and gender variant or fluid individuals, in Allegheny County. Our goal is to improve access to economic development opportunities, enable access to quality education, improve the health and well-being and reduce and eliminate violence against all women and girls,.

Whether you are an organization endorsing our efforts or an individual agreeing with the need, your support is important. Click here to see who else has endorsed us and to fill out the Endorsing or Supporting form. Thank you!

Pittsburgh Racial Justice Summit (PRJS) 2021
Allegheny for CEDAW Introduction Video can be found in the PRJS virtual resource room!

Women's Rights are Human Rights