Pittsburgh Gender Analysis Update

The Gender Equity Commission (GEC) of Pittsburgh, through the City, is contracting with the University of Pittsburgh to conduct a city-wide intersectional gender study. This Gender Analysis will provide data on the status of women and girls in Pittsburgh for the City to use as a base for setting priorities. It will also give a clearer picture of how Pittsburgh compares to other similar cities when it comes to gender equality. 

Sara Goodkind, team lead on the Gender Analysis and a member of Pittsburgh for CEDAW’s steering committee, attended the June 20th meeting of CEDAW as a guest speaker. Sara explained the four parts of the Gender Analysis: 

  1. The first part uses administrative data such as census data to compare Pittsburgh to other US cities with similar demographics.
  2. Part two of the study will focus on Pittsburgh city government employment data. 
  3. For part three, the researchers will talk with Pittsburgher’s and collect their stories and experiences through a series of focus groups. The focus groups will take place in various neighborhoods around the City.
  4. Part four will serve as a summary of the analysis with final thoughts and possible policy recommendations. 

You can attend the next GEC meeting on July 16 for an update on the first part of the analysis.